Welcome to Tanga Bohra Education Society

Tanga Bohra Education Society (TBES) operates under the name of Burhani School(s) under the umbrella of Anjuman - E - Burhani, Tanga and is currently operating an English Medium Nursery, Primary and Secondary School sections in Tanga open to the general public situated in Tanga Municipality in Bombo Area near the Annadil Burhani Gymkhana Sports Club.

Our History

In 2009 we started in Nursery with 10 students (previously it was operating under the banner of Hamidyah Nursery School) and in primary with only 4 pupils in the same Nursery building. The very next year, the Nursery school had 80 pupils and 25 primary standard 1 and 2 pupils. The need to increase infrastructure to accommodate number of pupils was also necessitated and justified in the formerly Burhani Charitable Hospital. Eleven years later we can proudly say, Burhani Nursery and Primary have reached their maximum capacity and excelling academically.

Due to the academic success and public demand by parents and students like wise, we were obligated to give the transition from Primary section to Secondary in 2017 after acquiring the mandatory prerequisites (including permission of new infrastructure) from the government.

School Infrastructure

Burhani School

Playing field for all sports including swimming pool at the nearby Annadil Burhani. All three schools have access to the playing fields and an organized curriculum incorporated with academics.

    Key Features at our campus:-

  • Well maintained playground
  • Ample teaching resources
  • Homely and relaxed atmosphere
  • Friendly and qualified teaching staff
Burhani School

In the past 3 years, the Std 7 National Examinations (NECTA) Burhani School average has been over 80% and is among the top 5 schools in Tanga region. All students were selected for government secondary schools.

    Key Features at our campus:-

  • Relaxed, roomy and comfortable environment.
  • Both candidate classes of Std 4 and Std 7 have recorded immense successes academically.
  • Support and encouragement to achieve their full potential
  • School is situated in a peaceful and condusive atmosphere
Burhani School

TBES is in the process to develop and equip the Secondary school with the best and latest teaching resources. The infrastructure is built to hold up to Form VI total capacity of 300 students. The Form II candidate class in 2018 all 13 students achieved Division 1 ranking

    Key Features at our campus:-

  • Highly qualified and experienced faculty
  • Excellent sports and swimming facilities
  • Fantastic laboratories and library
  • Happy and relaxed environment for students
  • Support and encouragement to achieve their full potential
  • The school is situated in peaceful and condusive atmosphere